Guess who our new author is? You guessed right!!!! FRANKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be sure to stay tuned to find out when Frankie’s first post will be!!!!

By Emma SkyMeadow



Any of you Jumpeez wondered how to get over those ropes in the ocean? It’s a glitch only few know. I’m here to share it with you.

1. Get a ride

2. Go to Free Fall Mountain located Downtown

3. Go to the swimming ropes

4. Swim in front of them

5. Click the “Walk button”

6. Make your Jumpee walk straight forward

If it doesn’t work, it should take a few tries. But believe me it works!!!! Also, more big news: AdventureLand has gone multiplayer!!!! Now you could explore Lost Island and defeat those pesky Punk Punks with friends!!!!

By Emma SkyMeadow

Reporters needed

Hi Jumpeez,

We’re searching for reporters!!!! Do you love writing and photography? Then you could be a Jumpstart Times reporter. Apply for the job by commenting below. You must be a current Jumpstart player who plays more then once a day, and must be ready to take on the best Jumpstart stories around and take the best photos!!!!